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Mediation Hertfordshire’s expertise in resolving conflict and rebuilding relationships covers three key areas. These are within the community, in the workplace and at school. More than 30 fully trained mediators help us to deliver skilled mediation services all year round. We also offer a bespoke training and workshop programme from time to time.


We know that it is often difficult for couples or other family members to talk to each other about property, children, financial matters etc. when relationships break down. Our family mediation service provides a confidential, voluntary forum for families experiencing conflict, separating or separated to reach agreements on practical future arrangements that meet everyone’s needs.


Unfortunately neighbours do not always get on with one another.  Many disagreements can be sorted out amicably but others can escalate, perhaps because one party ignores or tries to forget the problem.  This can lead to further anger, frustration and a deterioration in neighbour relations, which in turn can end up involving the Local Authorities and the Police.

Can mediation help? In many cases the answer is yes.   Our mediation process is voluntary, impartial and allows people to talk and hear about a disagreement without judgement or blame.  The process often reveals misunderstandings or a simple lack of awareness of a situation and works towards reaching a lasting agreement that all parties are happy with.  It sorts out disputes quickly, confidentially and without the need for expensive legal proceedings.   We cannot guarantee that neighbours will become friends.  However most people involved in neighbourhood disputes find new and better ways of dealing with one another to resolve any further issues.  For further information about how we can help, please contact our office on 01442 268044/ 243402.


UK workers spend an average of 1.8 hours per week dealing with conflict in the workplace (CIPD research 2008). This means that statistically, it is very likely that most working people will come across conflict at some point during their career.

Sometimes working relationships can be very destructive; possibly as a result of issues with colleagues or line managers, impossible targets and deadlines, changes in working practices, bullying, harassment or circumstances outside the workplace impinging on the working day.

Unchecked, this can lead to situations involving poor communication and difficult relationships.  If this is allowed to continue, these difficulties can result in extended periods of sick leave, grievance proceedings or even an Employment Tribunal, which can be costly, protracted and impact on staff morale and effectiveness.

Both employers and employees can come to us for help. Once a workplace case is authorised, our fully trained mediators will speak to everyone involved in the case, which may also include HR personnel or line managers.  The mediation will usually take place over one day at a neutral venue.  Any agreement will be followed up by a written statement, which everyone involved in the mediation will receive.

Remember our mediators are non-judgemental.  They do not decide who is right or wrong or give legal or other advice.  Every aspect is handled in confidence with the aim of giving back control to those directly involved. For further information about how we can help, please contact our office on 01442 268044/ 243402.


School life does not always run smoothly for some pupils.  We are aware that school staff are spending an ever increasing amount of time dealing with and resolving incidents relating to student wellbeing. We currently run two programmes to support pupils in school, a Peer Mediation Programme and Let’s Talk in Schools for Parents.

Our peer mediation programme offers young people (both the perpetrators and the victims) the opportunity to take responsibility for and resolve conflict, helping to build a more positive and supportive school community.  It enhances listening, self-awareness and empathic skills and encourages pupils to take more responsibility for the way they communicate with others.

Evidence from our peer mediation programmes has shown that pupils with SEN and/ or emotional difficulties have particularly benefitted from our training programmes.  They have grown in confidence and gained the respect of their peers.

Let’s Talk in Schools supports family issues which are affecting pupils in the school.  For example divorce, new family situations or disputes with other families spilling into school.  We provide mediation to support adults in resolving these issues, so that their children can feel more settled both in the classroom and in external environments.

We also offer mediation training programmes to school staff. For further information about how we can help, please contact our office on 01442 268044/ 243402.


We are able to offer organisations bespoke training programmes around mediation and conflict resolution.   We have worked with The Road Victims Trust to deliver training to their support volunteers, looking at how to deal with conflict and difficult situations.

We provide mediation training to local authorities and awareness training to referrers.   Also, from time to time, Mediation Hertfordshire hosts skills training workshops in basic mediation techniques.

Our most recent series of events called ‘Let’s Talk’ has been supported by The Big Lottery, Awards for All Fund.  This series of free events was for Hertfordshire based Community Groups and Charities.   Our experienced workplace mediators have helped delegates explore basic mediation skills; with particular emphasis on addressing conflict resolution and conflict management issues in the workplace for both staff and volunteers.  Team building sessions were delivered to, amongst others, Stevenage CAB, Broxbourne & East Herts Volunteer Centre, Asian Community Care & Homestart in East Herts.

For further information about how we can help with your mediation training programmes, please contact our office on 01442 268044/ 243402.


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