Unfortunately neighbours do not always get on with one another. Many disagreements can be sorted out amicably but others can escalate, perhaps because one party ignores or tries to forget the problem. This can lead to further anger, frustration and a deterioration in neighbour relations, which in turn can end up involving the Local Authorities and the Police.

Can mediation help? In many cases the answer is yes. Our mediation process is voluntary, impartial and allows people to talk and hear about a disagreement without judgement or blame. The process often reveals misunderstandings or a simple lack of awareness of a situation and works towards reaching a lasting agreement that all parties are happy with. It sorts out disputes quickly, confidentially and without the need for expensive legal proceedings. We cannot guarantee that neighbours will become friends. However most people involved in neighbourhood disputes find new and better ways of dealing with one another to resolve any further issues. For further information about how we can help, please contact our office on 01442 268044/ 243402.

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