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School life does not always run smoothly for some pupils.  We are aware that school staff are spending an ever increasing amount of time dealing with and resolving incidents relating to student wellbeing. We currently run two programmes to support pupils in school, a Peer Mediation Programme and Let’s Talk in Schools for Parents.

Our peer mediation programme offers young people (both the perpetrators and the victims) the opportunity to take responsibility for and resolve conflict, helping to build a more positive and supportive school community.  It enhances listening, self-awareness and empathic skills and encourages pupils to take more responsibility for the way they communicate with others.

Evidence from our peer mediation programmes has shown that pupils with SEN and/ or emotional difficulties have particularly benefitted from our training programmes.  They have grown in confidence and gained the respect of their peers.

Let’s Talk in Schools supports family issues which are affecting pupils in the school.  For example divorce, new family situations or disputes with other families spilling into school.  We provide mediation to support adults in resolving these issues, so that their children can feel more settled both in the classroom and in external environments.

We also offer mediation training programmes to school staff. For further information about how we can help, please contact our office on 01442 268044/ 243402.
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