Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching

Mediation is a voluntary process and for it to take place, both parties need to willingly participate. We understand that for many people this will be their only experience of mediation and it is natural to want more information before agreeing to attend a joint meeting.

We also recognise that many people feel uncomfortable at raising the prospect of mediation with the party with whom they are in dispute and initially may have no idea if the other party would be willing to mediate or not.

Mediation Hertfordshire offer a private initial meeting to explain more about how mediation can help and allow both parties to individually raise any concerns or queries that they might have about the process.

After the initial meeting has taken place, parties are contacted and asked if they wish to proceed to a joint meeting. There is no obligation to proceed. Occasionally one party does not want to attend for an initial meeting or after the initial meeting they decide that they do not want to proceed to a joint meeting. Where this happens we are able to offer Conflict Coaching to both parties.

Conflict coaching seeks to provide support to those in conflict at a difficult time in their lives where mediation is not possible.

Unusually two conflict coaching sessions are offered which take place at home or at a neutral venue.

During the conflict coaching sessions techniques for managing the conflict are explored and our mediators can also signpost individuals for specialist support where needed.

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